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Petroleum Jelly

At Kerax we manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of petroleum jellies covering a vast range of applications for the medicinal, cosmetic and personal care sectors.


Sometimes there is confusion in the use of the terms Vaseline and Petroleum Jelly. Vaseline is a brand name for a Petroleum Jelly 'consumer' product sold in the high street. Kerax do not own or use the brand name of Vaseline and instead use the generic industry term of Petroleum Jelly.


Our products meet stringent quality requirements and can be used with total confidence, we are regularly audited by the major pharma companies and are approved for the manufacture of materials (such as petroleum jelly) for use in ointments, creams and preparations.


We guarantee to supply the optimal solution for your product or application requirement.

GradeMelting PointViscosity @ 100CCone Penetration @ 25CColourPharmaceutical Compliance
Technijell 416648-545.5150-180WhiteBP / Pharm Eur
Technijell MO14042-606.5150-180WhiteBP / Pharm Eur
Technijell MO120E Mod55-609.5160-180WhiteBP / Pharm Eur
Technijell 497850-565.8145-190WhiteBP / Pharm Eur
Technijell 4990 YSP485170YellowBP / Pharm Eur
Technijell 4992 YSP55-607150-190YellowBP / Pharm Eur
Technijell 4995 YSP6011170YellowBP / Pharm Eur